Simple and fun!

Designed specifically for elementary school, CareerTrek scaffolds vocabulary and activities to introduce and reinforce key, evidence-based career development concepts.

CareerTrek Components



Students are introduced to the concept of community and the careers around them.



Students learn about themselves and careers based on the concepts of People, Ideas and Things.



Students identify work values that are important to them.



Students learn about different career characteristics, from work setting to wages.

path finder


Students connect how interests and personality types map to careers.

career trekker


Students learn about employability skills and how different careers require different skills.

career library


At any point, kids can explore careers using factors from each of the components.

quick pic

Quick Pic

Picture based questions that introduce students to learning about themselves, all while expanding their horizons.

career creator

Career Creator

Building on their growing career knowledge, students create a custom career and assign, characteristics, skills, interests and more.

career corner

Career Corner

Students can share their Career Creations with the teacher. Teachers have the ability to post student images to the Career Wall for other students to explore.

emoji builder

Emoji Builder

Students can create a personalized emoji, that is used throughout Career Trek.

CareerTrek Profile

CareerTrek keeps track of student activity as they progress through the career components. The profile provides a consolidated view, to show the student their work progress.

  • Activity Progress

    Quick overview of component progress.

  • Favorite Careers

    Careers that are favorited are saved and displayed in the student profile.

  • Career Creations

    Students can track the careers they have created in their profile.

  • Exportable to PDF

    Students can export their report to PDF so that they can share with parents, teachers and friends.

Administrator Tools

  • Custom

    Use the Settings Tool to select CareerTrek components. This flexibility gives you the ability to focus on targeted components with your classes.

  • Site and Student Reports

    Administration Reports allow you to see student favorites, track progress and results, school wide or by custom group.

Ready to use CareerTrek with your students?

CareerTrek can be licensed by a school or district. Statewide licenses are also available.